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Virtual Reality (VR)

During February 2022 I'd noticed jobs wanting VR/AR skills. I'd not considered VR before but started investigating and found it all quite intriguing. Biting the bullet, I purchased a Meta 'Oculus' Quest 2 and a tutorial on making a Unity VR game. Less than a month later and after converting a game from last year released my first demo game - Balloon Hunt (VR) - for the Oculus based on a previous 3D browser game.
After getting more of a feel for VR games by playing I decided to experiment a lot more.
There is a need for good immersion within a VR game. You want to see and feel the grip. When shooting you want recoil. You want to hear the different sounds as things hit each other and so on a so forth.
After looking a various assets I decide to go with Hurricane VR Physics Interactions and it's sister asset Hexabody VR Player Controller for movement.
I also found assets for varying sounds and showing decals for shots etc.
All were put together and form the basis of an evolving Basic Prototype currently existing of a couple of mini games to destroy moving balloon targets avoiding hitting special characters.
There is also a couple of play areas and games areas that are yet to be finished....
Both have been tested on a Meta 'Oculus' Quest 2 headset though it may work on other headsets.

If you have any support issues / ideas / feedback check out our Discord.

Alternatively please email Eddie and mention which game you are refering too.