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Farmer Paul's Pumpkin Picker

Farmer Paul's Pumpkin Picker

Live: October 2020

Pumpkin Picking Barrel Jumping Platformer.
Help Farmer Paul Collect His Home Grown Pumpkins
Collect, Time and Runner Game Types with three difficulties to choose from.
Local achievements and local high scores can track your progress.
Check out the real Farmer Paul here!
Rockin' The Blocks

Rockin' The Blocks

Live: 25 January 2019

Move and rotate the blocks to form full rows that get cleared.
The more rows you clear in one go the higher you score: 50, 200, 400, 800.
Three levels of difficulty with Quick and Normal play modes.
Can you get on the "High Score" and "Most Rows" leader boards?
Rockin' Space T Defender

Rockin' Space T Defender

Live: 19 December 2018

Save The Day!
Shoot Those Dreaded invaders.
Shatter The Descending asteroids.
Can you get on the leaderboards and beat your friends or the world?
Rockin' Space Bowling Image

Rockin' Space Bowling

Live: 9 January 2018

Spare a bit of time and try to strike it lucky......
Single player, Versus an AI or Two Player options available.
Can you get on the leaderboards and beat your friends or the world?
Rockin' Pairs Memory Game Image

Rockin' Pairs Memory Game

Live: 16 May 2017

Play a variety of pairs memory games.
Turning over two cards at a time to find a matching set to progress.
Starting off easy with six cards building to level five with twenty eight cards.
As you learn each deck the less turns you take and the faster you become.
Gain stars for matching in the fewest turns.
Achievements can be gained along the way.
Some game levels have a high score table for the fastest times so get challenging your friends.
Game types include matching pairs of objects like candy, transport, dice, dominoes, matching maths equations with answers and may be learn some world flags with three game types to expand your knowledge and memory.
Six game types are free to play with various collections available to play after in-app purchases.

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