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Barrel Ninjas

Barrel Ninjas

Live: Coming Soon - September 2020

Ninja barrel jumping platformer.
Collect, Time and Runner Game Types with three difficulties to choose from.
A choice of different ninjas with varied stats can be unlocked including a customisable stats ninja called Red.
Local achievements and local high scores can track your progress.
My homage to my ornage two screen Donkey Kong played for hours and hours back in the 80's. Simpler times.
Rockin' Pairs Memory Game Image

Rockin' Pairs Memory Game

Live: 9 September 2020

Play a variety of pairs memory games.
Turning over two cards at a time to find a matching set to progress.
Starting off easy with six cards building to level five with twenty eight cards.
As you learn each deck the less turns you take and the faster you become.
Gain stars for matching in the fewest turns.
Game types include matching pairs of objects like candy, transport, dice, dominoes, matching maths equations with answers and may be learn some world flags with three game types to expand your knowledge and memory.
Six game types are free to play within a browser with all collections available for the paid download.